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Champagne Egly Ouriet

Egly Ouriet is undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest Champagne producers. These biodynamic and rare mostly single site grower Champagnes elicit a sense of awe in wine lovers who are lucky enough to secure a bottle. A methodology and ethos which includes no chemical fertilisers, herbicides, or pesticides, extremely low yields, low dosage, no fining or filtration, and mostly single site or single village expressions.

Francis Egly's excellent skills also attract Jacques Selosse, who is a very good friend of Francis, to get barrels of Pinot Noir still wine from Egly-Ouriet to be included as a crucial blend of Jacques Selosse Rose NV.

After the tirage, the champagnes spend a long time on the lees: Extra Brut Grand Cru and Vignes de Vrigny for at least 3 years, the other cuvées even longer. Egly recently introduced temperature control in all of his cellars, which he sees as helping to reduce the amount of sulfur that needs to be added.

Of the 12 hectares on the estate, eight are in Ambonnay and the rest in Bouzy, Verzenay and Vrigny. The 2 hectares in Vrigny are planted with Pinot Meunier, the rest 70% with Pinot Noir and 30% with Chardonnay. The age of the vines goes back to 1947.

Also, an important aspect of Egly Ouriet Champagnes is the high percentage of Reserve wine used which gives these pinot based Champagnes a profound richness and complexity without ever compromising purity and freshness. 

Tyson Stelzer, acclaimed wine critic and Champagne expert, has in 2018, named Egly-Ouriet as one of the Top 4 Producers in Champagne, earning a top score of 10/10 – rubbing shoulders with Krug and Bollinger.


Code Price Member Price Name Score
012584  $    1,980  $  1,782 Egly Ouriet-Brut Blanc de Noir Vieilles Vignes Les Crayères Grand Cru NV
100% Pinot Noir, vines from 1947 (fermented & aged in barrel, 25% new for 72 months)
012585  $       770  $     693 Egly Ouriet-Extra Brut AmbonnayGrand Cru NV
70% Chardonnay & 30% Pinot Noir, Old vines (fermented & aged in barrel, 50% new for 48 months)
012586  $       770  $     693 Egly Ouriet-Extra Brut 1er Cru Les Vignes de Bisseuil NV
70% Chardonnay, 15% Pinot Noir, 15% Meunier, Old Vines (fermented & aged in barrel, 10% new)
012587  $       698  $     629 Egly Ouriet-Extra Brut 1er Cru Les Vignes de Vrigny NV
100% Pinot Meunier (over 40 years old vines, fermented & aged in tank)
012588  $       550  $     495 Egly Ouriet-Extra Brut Les Premices NV
33% Pinot Noir, 33% Chardonnay, 33% Pinot Meunier (over 40 years old vines, fermented & aged in tank)

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