Christmas Free Wine Tasting Party

Winebuff Christmas Free Wine Tasting Party

We would like to invite you to join us for Christmas Party on 17th Dec at 3pm as we celebrate the end of 2022. The party will be hold at Winebuff Northpoint shop.

We are serving wines made by renowned winemakers from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne and more.
Moreover, participants will be entered into a draw and offered some lucky bags for having fun.

We hope to see you in our Christmas party with the rest of our friends.

17th December 2022, Saturday
3 pm

Unit 1106, 11/F, Block A, Sea View Estate,
4-6 Watson's Road,
North Point

Only accept email application, Successful registrants will receive our confirmation email on Dec 13 (Tuesday).


Please provide name and tel no as below:


  • We will contact you shortly to confirm your registration. Thank you!Allocation of seats will be made by silent raffle in case of over-subscription.
  • 我們會以抽籤形式選取各個報名人仕參與.
  • Successful registrants will be informed by email or phone call on 13rd December (Tuesday),  unsuccessful registrants won't be notified.
  • 成功選取之各個報名人仕,我們會於於12月13日(星期二)以郵件或電話,通知各參加者, 若報名者沒有收取到任何確認通知, 即為落選。
  • Participants are required to present proof of a negative rapid antigen test (RAT) result obtained within 24 hours before entering Wine Buff's shop for tasting.
  • 所有參加者進入Wine Buff 店試酒會前,必須出示在過去24小時內進行快速抗原測試的陰性結果證明。
  • Participants must present a photo showing the RAT device with their name, testing date and time written on it as the proof.
  • 參加者可以照片作為證明,檢測棒上須寫上檢測者的姓名、檢測日期和時間。
  • All rights are reserved by Wine Buff Ltd.
  • 酒悅有限公司將會保留所有權利.

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