Hubert De Bouard-Le Sauvignon

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Vin d'Atlantique




Bordeaux White



Winemaker and co-owner of Angélus, Hubert de Boüard, is to release a Chardonnay under the IGP Vins de Pays de l’Atlantique classification.

The IGP Atlantique spans the departments of Charentes, Charentes Maritime, Gironde, Dordogne and the western part of the Lot and Garonne. Red, white and rosé production are all permitted as are most of the common French grape varieties.

Grown on sandy clay and ferruginous limestone in a plot of 3.5 hectares, just 2,400 bottles of the Chardonnay have been made.

The Sauvignon, meanwhile, is classified as an AOC Bordeaux Blanc and was aged completely in barrels but only two thirds French oak, the remaining third being acacia wood.

Speaking of the new range de Boüard said: “We have really worked hard as winegrowers over the past three years to make our best shot at some unique wines, involving Bordeaux varieties or not. The fruit comes from our own plots or from plots carefully selected for the excellence of their terroirs, where pruning has been especially adapted.

“Every plot is managed with the passage of the seasons in ways that aim to protect the surrounding ecosystems, until the decision is meticulously taken to pick the grapes at the best possible level of ripeness. We are driven by this exciting work, striving to produce the limited quantity of each wine, which will guarantee its authenticity.”
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