Jacques Prieur-Montrachet-Grand Cru 2003

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Puligny Montrachet




Burgundy White



Producer note: Martin Prieur and enologist Nadine Goublin report that yields were off by fully 50%, adding that their yields in Beaune were "miniscule; it was also the ripest. We elected to begin harvesting on August 26th and continued through the 3rd of September. We rented a refrigerated truck, which helped enormously to protect the grapes and to begin the cooling process immediately. There was a lot of sorting work, mainly for dried berries and a table vibrant (vibrating sorting table) was ideal for this purpose. Sugars were good at between 13.5 and 14.5%. Acidities were generally low but curiously, they went up during the primary fermentations and thus, we only corrected in must and only those wines that were just too low. And even more curiously, there was essentially no change in the acid levels of the whites between the beginning and end of the primary fermentation. While it's just speculation at this point, I think the wines will age reasonably well as they're dense but balanced." The in-bottle whites were bottled in January and I tasted them in February.

Tasting note: Very ripe peach, peach, apricot and hints of the exotic lead to a surprisingly expressive and accessible mid-palate for a young Montrachet with deep, powerful and opulent flavors and a creamy, slightly woody finish that displays buckets of dry extract. This is oakier than I prefer but like the Chevalier before it, the superb density is such that this will almost certainly integrate the wood with time.
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